Congreso Neutralidad y teorí­a del derecho

Five years ago, we started with enthusiasm a publishing project. We had then high expectations about the quality of the results and modest aspirations about its diffusion. Our aim was to putting in motion a collection of books on legal philosophy, welcoming translations into Spanish of relevant works from different legal cultures, as well as brand-new writings, to be offered to our readers. Five years later, project impact results have been much better than expected, and honestly we also belief we did our bit in the legal philosophical debate.

Nowadays the collection comprises more than 40 volumes. Additionally 14 works are getting ready to be published. The dynamics of the project lead to Martial Pons Publishers, the Legal Culture Chair of the UdG, and the Research groups on legal philosophy of the Universities of Girona and Pompeu Fabra, to organize an international conference commemorating the first 50 volumes of the collection. The Conference took place in the city of Girona (Spain) during the days 20, 21, and 22 of May 2010. The main subject chosen for the elaboration of the submitted papers was to consider practicability of an axiological neutral legal theory. Methodological positivistic theory of law has been traditionally supporting this possibility, and the analysis of this question had been frequently treated, directly or indirectly, in the books of the collection.

In addition to that, we aimed the conference being an encounter between authors and readers of our books. Thanks to the good reception of the proposal, the conference became a meeting point for more than 300 experts on legal philosophy from around the world. Thus, we could achieve another main objective considered when organizing the conference: to offer an academic space useful to share points of view from different legal cultures, bringing together participants from Anglo-Saxon and Latin-German countries traditions.

In the event Framework, the “First Prize of the Collection Filosofía y Derecho for Young Researchers” was delivered. The prize award went to Dan Priel (University of Warwick) and Kevin Walton (University of Sidney), for their essays: “The scientific model of jurisprudence” and “Jurisprudential methodology: is pure interpretation possible”, respectively.

The delivered papers, appropriately edited by the authors alter discussion, as well as the prizewinning essays, will be published in Spanish and Portuguese in a reading of the Conference in the collection Filosofia y Derecho of Marcial Pons Publishers. We keep working to offer also an English version of that volume.

The whole set of participations and debates were fully recorded. In case you couldn’t attend the conference or if you want to recall what was discussed in it, paying 3,5 Euros you will be able to access any of the interventions for a period of one month. If you prefer, you can buy the whole event giving you  access to it for two months, at a cost of 30 Euros. The application allows you to access the papers in PDF format, and to the curricula of the authors. The interface also allows taking notes while watching the videos, and to save and print them.

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Grup de recerca de filosofía de la UDG Grup de recerca de filosofía de la UDG Grup de recerca de filosofía de la UDG Grup de recerca de filosofía de la UDG